Blog Post If You Haven’t Got A Life Insurance Policy In Place, Why Not?




If You Haven’t Got A Life Insurance Policy In Place, Why Not?

Read through the posts here on our blog and you’ll soon realise that we’re constantly pushing the importance of life insurance.  Having a whole host of benefits, we strongly believe that every single person around the world should have some form of life insurance policy in place.

Helping to ensure the policy holder’s nearest and dearest aren’t left with any financial burdens upon their death, a life insurance policy is a great way to remove any financial worries from your family, whether that’s by simply providing money to cover your funeral or providing them with a sum of money to make their lives more comfortable.

But although we talk regularly about the benefits of life insurance and how experienced life insurance advisors could ensure you get the perfect policy for your needs, those who have a policy in place are still in the minority – a study in May 2012 by Barclay’s found that almost two-thirds of UK adults didn’t have life insurance of any kind.

As much as we can guess why this might be the case or make assumptions based on the information we have to hand, it’s still confusing.  We know things are tight financially for many people around the world at present, but life insurance really can cost just a few pounds every month.  Whilst we’re sure some people wouldn’t be able to afford this at present, we’re confident that the cost factor isn’t preventing people from taking out a policy.

So if this is the case, what is it that’s stopping them?

Is it the fact that it’s believed it’s too complicated to understand?  Perhaps there’s a belief it’s too lengthy of a process to take out a policy?  Or maybe it’s thought that they aren’t insurable?  Of course, it could be the cost factor, but in the sense that it’s expected a policy is going to bring with it huge monthly premiums.

Whatever the reason behind not having a life insurance policy in place is, we’d really like to know.  We can write blog post after blog post about why we believe it happens, but our beliefs could be way off the mark and instead we’d prefer you to tell us your concerns, as this way we can be confident we’re providing information that’s truly going to be of benefit.

Remember, life insurance is suitable for every single person and we strongly believe everyone can benefit from it.  However, we know that us saying this is not enough to convince most people and so we really do want to make sure you know as much about life insurance as possible by providing only the highest quality, most suitable life insurance advice we can.

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